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    Our Sales Team

    Aimable Habiyakare
    Executive Sales Operations
    Email: business@icon-telecom.com

    Tony Rain
    Executive Sales Operations
    Email: sales@icon-telecom.com
    Cristian Petrescu
    Executive Sales Operations
    Email: sales1@icon-telecom.com

  • ABOUT Icon Telecom Inc

    Icon Telecom Inc is a leading telecom services operator providing variety of converged communication services to business customers and residential users. Using all the latest technology we supply our clients with a variety of top quality telecom services and that support them in their everyday needs.We terminate millions of minutes for international carriers from around the world.

    Utilizing the latest VoIP technology we deliver top quality services and allow clients to leverage by providing the global infrastructure that enables them to expand to international markets quickly and efficiently.

    What We Do?

    Unified Communications

    Legacy fixed voice systems are quickly moving aside to include a new array of voice and multimedia-capable devices such as tablets, mobile phones and laptops. Whereas voice was the king of communication not too long ago, IP-centric integrated multimedia communications such as email, video collaboration and conferencing, mobile voice and texting, chat, and social networks now dominate the landscape. Businesses of all sizes desire the advanced capabilities they need to unify and consolidate their voice and multimedia communications across fixed and mobile networks while empowering their employees to be more productive, more collaborative and communicate more efficiently and effectively from any capable device from any location. Our Unified Communications solutions let service providers expand their offerings to provide a wide array of compelling offers to capture and retain the Enterprise, SMB, and SOHO business communications markets, reducing subscriber churn, creating new sources of revenue, and improving ARPU and revenue growth.

    Prepaid Calling Services

    Whether you’re looking to launch a Prepaid Calling Card service, or want to add adjunct Prepaid Rating for your Broadband Voice offering, Icon’s SIP SDP based Prepaid Calling Services solution provides service providers an off-the-shelf, carrier-grade, and scalable solution that dramatically reduces the barriers to market entry and helps them keep their competitive advantage by rapidly launching new prepaid services. Icon Telecom’s solution addresses the needs of service providers with a complete cost-effective and feature rich solution for prepaid or postpaid calling services that includes telephony service logic (IVR), real-time rating and billing, web-based subscriber creation and account management, PIN/Lot creation and management, and customer billing and reporting features.

    Icon Telecom Prepaid Calling Services solution comprises several services to meet different service providers’ needs. Existing applications include Prepaid Calling Card, Call-thru, Call-by-call Carrier Select, Carrier Pre-Select, Toll Free Numbers, Premium Numbers, Collect Call, and Callback Services.

    Communication Services

    Over-the-top (OTT) service providers are rapidly cutting into the revenues and margins of mobile operators and the Rich Communication Services (RCS) Suite is the GSMA’s answer. RCS combines several existing services including voice and video communications, messaging, and content sharing, into an IP-based communications experience that is compatible across devices and networks.

    Icon Telecom’s RCS Solution speeds operators’ time-to-market, simplifies service delivery, and delivers additional intelligence and value by providing features that enhance operators’ competitive position in the communications value chain, in a cost-effective and flexible manner. It provides intelligent design and features that allow operators to extend and go beyond the GSMA defined RCS baseline features with enhancements that create market differentiation and drive revenue growth, and in addition to supporting third-party applications, the RCS Solution provides integration with popular social networking sites and supports numerous operating systems and devices to enable anywhere, any device communications.